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The tinkers Pat and Mat always find a way out of all the tricky situations. They get into their troubles by trying to cope with daily little problems. The two are brilliant in completing futile tasks. Each story ends with either a catastrophe or an absurd product. But both our buddies are extremely proud of themselves and of their work - as their favourite gesture shows.

It all began with the film TINKERS /Kutaci/ on which Lubomir Benes and Vladimir Jiranek got for the first time together. In the following decade 34 episodes for the Slovak TV, and Kratky film, followed. Since 1990 the production goes on in the authors' own studio - as the PAT & MAT ...AND THAT'S IT ! /Pat aMat ...a je to!/ series.

WORLD WIDE SALES - up till now distributed in over 80 countries throughout the world.

PAT & MAT home videos, and other products, are extremely popular in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

FESTIVALS / PRIZES - Several of the PAT & MAT episodes have got prizes and awards at world animation festivals during the years.

We have participated with the 38th episode THE CYCLISTS, animated by Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly, at the "Annecy '93" (France) animation festival competition, and have been invited to a number of other world festivals and shows.

THE CYCLISTS have also been included in the selection "The Best of Annecy '93" by:


Cinémathèque Québécoise (Montreal)


Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)


Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley)


Museum of Modern Art (New York)

and presented by these institutions in their autumn 1993 show.

The 44th episode THE BILLIARDS, animated by Frantisek Vasa, has been selected for the "Annecy '95" competition, and invited to almost all other world film festivals.

THE BILLIARDS has got two prizes at the World Animation Celebration in Agoura (CA), March '97:

1st prize - best animation for a daytime TV series
2nd prize - best stop motion professional animation

EXHIBITIONS / PRESS - PAT & MAT got their place at many exhibitions, such as the exhibition of Czechoslovak animation at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum on the campus of the Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

Favorably reviewed in an article by William Zimmer, The New York Times, March 1991, together with Jan Svankmajer's and Jiri Trnka's object and puppet animation, and Gene Deitch' cel animation films:

The Charms of Czech Film Animation

Highly pliable puppets are the stars of stirring narratives

... The country's speciality is the animated puppet film ... The movable puppet, with wooden frame, has been a longtime presence in [Czech and Slovak] culture. The film versions [of natural materials on a sofisticated hand-made metal carcass], with highly pliable extremities made of plastic, are as versatile as any character drawn in ink on acetate - and more sympathetic.

The effect of using puppets, which are less real than humans yet more immediate than two-dimensional figures, is a palpability that can make narratives especially stirring.

A central component of the exhibition is the films themselves, shown ... in the 35-millimeter format ... But in the gallery are many sets from the films, inhabited by puppet characters.

These include the green tract house that is the location of the episodic adventures of PAT AND MAT, who are ordinary, if dimwitted, fellows simply trying to get through life. Popular on [Czech and Slovak] television and as shorts preceding cinematic features, the Pat and Mat films are perhaps the equivalent of this country's television Simpsons ...

Contemporary [Czech and Slovak] culture is so imbued with animation that films are designated for children, for adults or for all ages ...

The amazing industry that is [Czech and Slovak animation] can only become better known. If an American sometimes wonders 'What's in it for me ?' when hearing or reading about the changes rocking Eastern Europe, this exhibition reveals one of the more vivid benefits ...




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